Community Feedback

Pipedown originally demonstrated in the U.K. how loud background music in public areas can often be problematic and uncomfortable for a variety of people. To determine how relevant the issue is in the U.S. and in our own community, Quiet Ann Arbor created an online survey to see if background noise was actually affecting the daily lives of residents from Washtenaw County and surrounding areas. With almost 300 responses, several important points stood out:

Additional responses

“Quiet background music can be enjoyable, but as the place becomes more crowded many restaurants crank up the volume creating a positive feedback loop of noise.”

“My husband has hearing loss and wears a hearing aid. Loud noise is directly painful to him, so it keeps us out of some public venues.”

“I would go out more often if it were more quiet.”

“The music makes it difficult to focus for those of us with ADHD. I spend much less time in shops and restaurants where the noise/music makes me uncomfortable.”

“Many different kinds of people are negatively impacted by background music – people with PTSD and Post-Concussion Syndrome, especially. Many of us can’t even go into stores and restaurants. Many of us can’t hold jobs in those environments specifically because of that noise.”